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Guintoli and Leblanc test at Almería

Guintoli and Leblanc test at Almería

Guintoli and Leblanc test at Almería

Sylvain Guintoli and Gregory Leblanc began their preparations for the 250cc World Championship at the circuit of Almería this week. The Equipe GP de France pair are in Spain for three days of tests which, for Guintioli, signal a return to the team with which he began his career in 2001.

"This first test is a chance to reacquaint myself with the team," says Guintoli. "The organization of the team has moved on a lot but my mechanics will be the same as in 2001. We've all gained a lot of experience since then and it will be interesting to work together again.

"We're starting off with these three days of tests at Almería. The conditions are ideal and the weather is quite warm during the day. We're the only 250 team here – there are some World and British Superbike teams and I've been able to have a chat with Sébastien Charpentier, who I raced scooters with back in 1995.

"It's a good chance to work without any pressure and without looking at the lap times and the first couple of days have gone well. I'm working with some parts which were developed last year because the new kits aren't ready yet.

"After three months out of action I found a good feeling quickly and I'm pret happy with how things are going. It's a case of getting my rhythm back and preparing for next week, when we'll be joining up with a lot of other 250 teams at Valencia. It is nice to work alone but it will be good to get out there with the other guys as well."

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