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THQ and Climax launch MotoGP 3 for Xbox and PC

THQ and Climax launch MotoGP 3 for Xbox and PC

THQ and Climax launch MotoGP 3 for Xbox and PC

THQ Inc. and Climax have announced that "MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 3" for the Xbox videogame system from Microsoft and for PC will ship with a host of new and original features, designed to reward gamers with the most complete racing experience ever.

The definitive motorcycle racing game returns with a complete season update and will deliver the most significant upgrade to MotoGP. The Grand Prix mode will take players around the world, on all the official tracks of the season.

They will be able to play as Valentino Rossi, even better, overtake him at Jerez, Le Mans, Estoril… Originally released in 2002, MotoGP introduced thrill-seeking game players to an adrenaline-filled racing experience. This first title in the critically acclaimed franchise was followed with the release of MotoGP 2 in 2003, one of the first titles to feature Xbox Live.

The most significant addition to MotoGP 3 is a brand new Extreme mode that extends the playing experience even further for gamers. Reflecting the current passion for TT-style street racing, this exciting game mode consists of sixteen new city and suburban tracks. As well as the new tracks, gamers also have a richer choice of bikes thanks to the addition of sixteen original motorcycles.

Just as MotoGP 3's vast number of bikes and tracks offer individual players unrivalled depth, a range of exclusive online features guarantee multiplayer fans a treat too. THQ and Climax have collaborated to realise the full potential of Xbox Live!

Going beyond anything previously seen, MotoGP 3 boasts three brand new features (Embedded online gameplay, Spectator mode and Commentator mode) that keep it way ahead of the competition. These online features will also be included in the PC version of the game.

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