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Constrasting emotions for Barros and Bayliss

Constrasting emotions for Barros and Bayliss

Constrasting emotions for Barros and Bayliss

Camel Honda team riders Alex Barros and Troy Bayliss were two of the busiest men on track in stifling heat at Sepang today, Barros putting in 84 laps with Bayliss not far behind with 77.

The day ended with contrasting emotions for the pair, however, with Barros having almost completed his test schedule and Bayliss still struggling to find a base setting for his RC211V.

"I'm completely happy with the work we are doing," reflected Barros. "Today we focused on tyres and I certainly think we've made steps forward. I didn't stop for lunch until we did everything we had to on both the fronts and the rears because we were finishing off the work we started three weeks ago.

"In these first two days: we've basically achieved the objectives we set ourselves in the first session here in Sepang. Perhaps there's a few little things that could improve the front tyre, but I don't think that will be possible for Australia, it's too close; probably in the Qatar tests.

"In the afternoon we tried to change a few things in the bike settings but we haven't really seen any particular changes we can make at the moment with the bike already going so well."

Bayliss, meanwhile, has not even begun tyre testing yet and will tonight sit down with his team technicians and the HRC race engineers to study all the data gathered over the opening two days of the test in the hope that between them they will find the way forward.

"These tests are proving challenging because we still haven't got the results we wanted," said Bayliss. "We're exploring all possible solutions and we hardly took a break today.

"We're working hard on the clutch, but I still don't feel comfortable. We tried several different tyres, but until we get the set-up better the tyres won't change the situation too much. We are analysing the telemetry with the team and the Honda technicians, and we hope to make a good step forward tomorrow."

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