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Barros reveals Rio disappointment

Barros reveals Rio disappointment

Barros reveals Rio disappointment

Alex Barros revealed his disappointment at the news today that there will be no Grand Prix in his native Brazil this season. The Rio GP has been cancelled due to the "lack of a signed contract" and Barros fears MotoGP has seen the last of the Nelson Piquet circuit.

"Obviously I'm disappointed - it is the second time this has happened," said Barros, who is currently testing for the Camel Honda team at Phillip Island.

"The first time was in 1998, but this is even more disappointing because it was probably going to be the last Grand Prix at this circuit. The city prefecture is actually planning to demolish part of the track and reduce the overall length to 3,100 metres. That means it will only be used for national races".

It wasn't a good day for Barros in general as his dismay at the Rio GP news was compounded by frustrating second day of tests with his Honda RC211V in Australia. "This morning we worked on the electronics and we were able to improve the odd thing," he explained.

"Since then we've been working on improving grip on the front end but we're not succeeding at the moment, even after trying a lot of things with the forks and the geometry of the bike. The rear of the bike is fine but at the moment the front is preventing me from being as efficient as I could be.

"I'm having to lean too far over to take the corner and that means I'm not getting the most out of the tyre. Obviously we'll keep working on that tomorrow."

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