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Biaggi takes blame for crash

Biaggi takes blame for crash

Biaggi takes blame for crash

Max Biaggi admitted he was at fault after crashing his Honda RC211V on the second day of tests at Phillip Island on Friday. Biaggi crashed at the Siberia corner on his way to the pits to change a tyre that was causing front-end chatter.

The Italian was quick to lay the blame for the crash at his own door but was pleased with his overall performance after testing two versions of the RCV's rear suspension links, setting the third fastest time of the day with an extremely fast lap of 1'29.970.

"I felt stronger today even though I had a crash," said Biaggi, who ran up 96 laps. "We've definitely improved again today with a better suspension setting and the machine felt more consistent for a long period of time.

"I'm preferring the lower rear suspension link at the moment, the lap time between that and the upper link is the same but the feeling is slightly better with the lower link.

"But then a single lap doesn't mean you will be fast in a race condition. The crash was my own fault really. We tried a new tyre and I knew quickly that the tyre could well be an improvement but it caused some chatter and the machine needed adjusting for the tyre.

"I lost the front at turn six on the lap I was coming back into the pits to make the adjustment, turn six was where the chatter was worst."

Nicky Hayden also tested the upper and lower mounted rear suspension links over an astonishing 115 laps of the circuit but found little difference between them.

"I tried the lower rear suspension link today, for the first time since a test in Malaysia in 2003," said Hayden, who set a best time of 1'30.430. "There's very little difference between the upper and lower links and I think it really boils down to what feels most comfortable for the rider.

"We really got working on some chassis testing today, spent a lot of time trying to make the changes work and it was a valuable exercise. We then had a go with what I'm normally used to but I suppose that's what testing is all about.

"I did a lot of laps today, maybe too many, which is something we want to address tomorrow and hopefully I can get a good run on a rear race tyre and grab a fast lap along the way."

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