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Blata and WCM aiming to debut V6 at Jerez

Blata and WCM aiming to debut V6 at Jerez

Blata and WCM aiming to debut V6 at Jerez

Blata and WCM say that they intend to race their all-new Blata V6 at the opening round of the MotoGP World Championship at Jerez on April 10th, even though Franco Battaini and James Ellison may not get to test the bike at all before then.

With just eight weeks remaining until the start of the season the Blata V6 is still being built at the Czech factory but Chief Engineer Pavel Blata says development is on schedule.

"The whole project is continuing in accordance with the plan that was implemented in August," said Blata. "We are going to use two prototypes in the first race in Jerez, in Spain."

"At this moment all analyses and calculation studies, for example strength and durability of the cases, calculation of the weight distribution of motorcycle, gear analysis, analysis of the frame, have been completed. More than 60 % of the parts are being produced in our companies."

Blata explained that while initial design and prototype production has taken time the process will be moving more quickly from now on. "The tools for production, which took us more time to design and manufacture, are finished," he added.

"Engine manufacture is proceeding at a good pace and the first bench tests have now been scheduled for 10th March. The motorcycle will be completed by the 15th February and we will then use the rolling chassis to develop the design of the aerodynamic package.

"The first designs of the Blata V6 MotoGP machine were introduced in August 2004 at the Brno, Czech Republic. Some changes have since been made to the original design.

"The biggest change is to the frame, which will be based on the Delta box type, and the rear swing arm, which will be made from aluminium sheet and will have milled sections. The design of the fairing is also different."

Blata and WCM agreed a five-year deal last season and WCM Director of Racing Peter Clifford is confident the Czech mini-bike manufacturer will come up with a competitive package.

"The effort and commitment Blata are investing in the project is tremendously impressive," said Clifford. "They have taken a very basic initial concept and developed into something that is very exciting. The initial progress may well have looked slow from the outside but Blata's determination to do it right will certainly pay off in the medium and long term."

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