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Turkey, a new stage for MotoGP

Turkey, a new stage for MotoGP

Turkey, a new stage for MotoGP

In 2005, Turkey will host the MotoGP World Championship for the first time, on the new Istanbul track. The event will be held from the 21st to the 23rd of October, as the 16th of the 17 rounds of the serie.

The track is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, close to the newly constructed Sabiha Gokcen Istanbul Airport, and was designed by Herman Tilke the architect behind a number of racetracks like Sepang and Shangai.

The total area allocated for the project is 2,215,000 m2. The racing circuit which runs counter-clockwise is 5,333 m long with an average width of 14 - 21.5 m, excluding runoff areas. The circuit is composed of 13 curves, of which 6 are right turns and 7 left turns. The sharpest turn will have a radius of 15m. The start and finish section is 655.5m in length. The circuit runs over 4 level sections with rising and descending grades.

The main parking areas, with the total parking capacity of 20,000 are located along the outer peripheral ring road which is 5,482m in length and will facilitate the movement of traffic on the outer limits of the project area.

In addition, the project consists of 2.3 km of inner service roads and emergency lanes. There will be 4 under-passes and 3 pedestrian over passes linking the natural ground stands and temporary moveable stands with the parking areas. The central area is reserved for the construction of go-kart racing track.

The main grandstand is under construction over an area of 12,700m2 and shall have the seating capacity of 30,000 spectators. In addition, the temporary stands and natural ground stands will provide a total capacity of over 155,000 spectators. The paddock buildings are two level structures. The ground floor sections are for the MotoGP teams and the upper floors will serve as hospitality areas with additional viewing capacity of 5,000 seats. There are two VIP towers being constructed at the two ends of paddock buildings, each consisting of 7 floors to provide a floor space of 7,392 m2.

MotoGP, 2005

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