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The Totti Top Sport project presented in Roma

The Totti Top Sport project presented in Roma

The Totti Top Sport project presented in Roma

The 3C Racing team and the Numberten company announced yesterday in Roma their new project known as Totti Top Sport. The aim of this ambitious project supported by Italian football star Francesco Totti is to help young riders of the minor class to reach the elite of the sport.

The Numberten company, which represents the AS Roma midfielder, teams up with 3C Racing to line-up Mattia Pasini and Manuel Hernández in the 125 World Championship, but will also be involved in the Spanish and Italian Championships.

The press conference was attended by the footballer and the two Grand Prix riders, who unveiled the new Totti Top Sport logo and their new official Aprilia.

Totti shared his enthusiasm about the project: "I have always been fond of motorcycling and this project comes together at the right moment. I used to support Rossi, but now, I am a 100% behind Mattia and Manuel. I would like to test the bike soon, to have the opportunity to feel at least once what the riders usually experience."

3C Racing managers Christian Lundberg and Valerio Sbarra declared themselves confident about the project; their goal is to clinch a World Championship title within the next three years.

"Having a great football star such as Francesco Totti involved in the team is an honour. I hope to give him something to cheer about and to meet his expectations throughout the season," said Pasini, best rookie of the 2004 season.

His new teammate, Spanish rookie Manuel Hernandez, added: "The presence of Totti in the team brings prestige and more attention from the medias. So it's a great responsibility we have as riders, and I only feel more motivated to try and get good results during my first World Championship."

125cc, 2005

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