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Blata-WCM backed by hiphop star

Blata-WCM backed by hiphop star

Blata-WCM backed by hiphop star

Hiphop star Ludacris, a multi platinum artist and film star of "2Fast 2Furious", will bring a touch of glamour to Blata WCM as his label DTP will back the MotoGP team.

The 2005 MotoGP World Championship will be the first year of the Blata-WCM partnership, as the Czech pocket bikes manufacturer designed a V6-powered prototype with Peter Clifford's team to line up James Ellison and Franco Battaini.

"It is a huge thing for our team and the sport," said Pavel Blata. "It adds a very important new dimension to what we are doing. Our entry into MotoGP is a vital step in us becoming a major motorcycle manufacturer and the potential that this partnership with Ludacris and DTP offers is another very valuable step in the same direction."

"It is great for all of us and adds another stellar dimension to our sport," added Peter Clifford, WCM's director of racing. "The addition of the enthusiasm that Ludacris and DTP brings to the project is hugely valuable. We have a tremendously exciting sport that has huge world wide appeal and we are committed to getting to the top, it is going to be a thrilling ride."

The new Blata WCM 990cc V6 will make its track debut at the end of the month, during the second Official Test in Jerez.

MotoGP, 2005

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