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Yoda: "Kawasaki have to win at least once this year"

Yoda: 'Kawasaki have to win at least once this year'

Yoda: "Kawasaki have to win at least once this year"

A Yamaha stalwart for over 25 years, revered engineer Ichiro Yoda joined the Kawasaki Racing Team in January. Reunited with Shinya Nakano, who clinched the All Japan title with his support in 98, Yoda looks forward a new challenge with the Akashi-based manufacturer.

Earlier this week, caught up with the Japanese during the Valencia tests to speak about his move to Kawasaki, the progress of the new ‘big bang' engine and the team´s goals for 2005.

"I had been working with Yamaha for 28 years, and I'm getting older… So I guess I just started to look for something different and I chose to quit Yamaha at the end of last year," explained Yoda.

"I spread the news of my retirement among the people I know, but after that I had an offer from the Kawasaki Racing Team. Then I started to talk with the people from the factory and eventually joined the project."

During the pre-season, Kawasaki mainly worked on the ‘big bang' version of the inline 4 cylinder – a configuration similar to the one Yamaha opted for last year.
"At the beginning of the year, Kawasaki brought the big bang engine and so far, it went pretty well but we still have some things to fix. Having talked to Nakano, I think we can achieve some good results."

"This year the Kawasaki project is very ambitious, we need a challenge. We are setting targets for this season and we have to win at least one race this season."

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