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Camel Honda Team finish Catalunya Test contented

Camel Honda Team finish Catalunya Test contented

Camel Honda Team finish Catalunya Test contented

The Camel Honda team with their new line-up of Alex Barros and Troy Bayliss completed a first competitive outing at the MotoGP test last weekend satisfied that their work and efforts are producing the desired effects .

`Alex also demonstrated that he has a good race pace here, as he did in Malaysia, Australia and Qatar,' remarked Camel Honda Manager Team Sito Pons. ‘I'm sure he will be in great shape for the start of the season in three weeks time. Troy continues to work determinedly and in the next test in Jerez he will be able to make a direct comparison between his feelings on the bike now and his feelings back in December. In Jerez not only does the winter testing come to an end, but the first race will be run there also; so it is an particularly important session´, said the Spaniard.

Alex Barros took ninth place in the official chrono on Sunday, although he was among the top group over the three-days combined results. `The whole test was a little strange, split up by a timed competitive session which broke our work rhythm. In that period I used a soft tyre but it was a little too cold and the fast time didn't come for me. Nevertheless I think that we have done more or less as well as Valentino, so congratulations to Sete for his fast lap. Afterwards we continued to test various tyres, picking out a front which could be good but which definitely needs more laps. We will try it in Jerez again. Even though today didn't work out perfect, in general I'm satisfied with how things are going´.

The Brazilian also commented on one of the hot subjects in last week's paddock, the new white flag rule `the fact that they have decided to allow us to change the bike instead of just the tyres doesn't change much for me, but as long as my colleagues are happy, things are okay´.

Troy Bayliss' work lent weight to the notion that he is continuing to adapt to the Honda. The experienced Australian finished 15th in final standings: `The times don't necessarily reflect the situation exactly because the day was a little weird. There were those who used a soft tyre in the timed session and those who did afterwards, those who made the most of it and those who didn't, and there were also those who improved their time from yesterday using race tyres. I'm one of the latter, and I'm particularly happy because I did it towards the end of the day, when the track was a lot cooler. Apart from continuing with the set-up, I have found a front tyre that gives me confidence, so I'm anxious to get to Jerez to confirm these positive feelings´.

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