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Kawasaki looking for extra big bang in Jerez

Kawasaki looking for extra big bang in Jerez

Kawasaki looking for extra big bang in Jerez

Kawasaki made another step forward in the Catalunya Test sessions last week in order to strengthen their technical gamble this season with the big bang engine.

`After two and a half years of riding the Kawasaki 'screamer' motor in testing and races, I was very happy to have a new feeling under me when I switched to the big bang motor today,' said rider Alex Hofmann on Sunday. ‘This concept is the way to go, making it easier and more consistent to produce fast times. It was motivating for me to make the change today, but also obvious that our rivals have not been sleeping in terms of performance. At the moment the big bang probably lacks some top end power, but I'm sure that will come as development continues´, explained the German, who on the paper shouldn't had test the big bang until the upcoming Jerez sessions.

Team Manager Harald Eckl knows time is ticking but was pleased with progress at the last test and the satisfying results Kawasaki achieved. `Even though the big bang engine development programme is later than we had hoped for, this result shows that we've made a significant improvement in engine performance. The Ninja ZX-RR has closed the gap to the leading group and we hope to make a further step forward at the IRTA tests in Jerez next week. Overall I am happy with the progress to this point, and I'm confident there is a lot more to come from this version of the Ninja ZX-RR engine´, declared Eckl.

Shinya Nakano is at the forefront of the big bang project and concluded the past weekend with a bittersweet taste after comparing the times. `I am a little disappointed. I pushed very hard to make this time and this was the maximum result that was possible today. The new big bang engine is the right direction, but it is obvious we still have more work to do, especially on corner entry stability with the engine braking system. The 2005 Ninja ZX-RR is ahead of last year's screamer motor, but everyone else is going much faster at the moment´.

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