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Influx of new blood into the 250cc class

Influx of new blood into the 250cc class

Influx of new blood into the 250cc class

There are a number of new riders entering the 250cc class for 2005, many of whom have already had considerable success in the 125cc class, including a number of Grand Prix winners. In total there will be four World Champions competing in the 250cc class in 2005; Dani Pedrosa (250cc in 2004, 125cc in 2003), Andrea Dovizioso (125cc in 2004), Arnaud Vincent (125cc in 2002) and Roberto Locatelli (125cc in 2000).

Of the 250cc riders competing this year twelve of them are past GP winners. In addition to Dani Pedrosa who has won in both 250cc and 125cc class there are past 250cc GP winners Sebastian Porto, Anthony West and Randy De Puniet together with the past 125cc GP winners Arnaud Vincent, Hector Barbera, Roberto Locatelli, Steve Jenkner, Casey Stoner, Andrea Dovizioso, Jorge Lorenzo and Andrea Ballerini.

With the introduction of these new riders it means that at Jerez there will be nine riders starting the 250cc GP who are still teenagers, the youngest of which is Gabriele Ferro who is just 16 years old. Only three of the riders in the 250cc class are over the age of 30, the oldest being Andrea Ballerini who will be 31 at the Spanish GP. The average age of the riders entered in the 250cc class in 2005 will 23 years and 48 weeks old at the first race of the year.

Last year Dani Pedrosa set new records as the youngest ever rider to win a 250cc GP and also the youngest rider ever to win the 250cc World Title:

Youngest riders to win the 250cc World Championship
1. Dani Pedrosa (19 years 18 days) in 2004
2. Marco Melandri (20 years 74 days) in 2002
3. Valentino Rossi (20 years 250 days) in 1999
4. Manuel Poggiali (20 years 261 days) in 2003
5. Mike Hailwood (21 years 168 days) in 1961

Youngest riders to win a 250cc Grand Prix
1. Dani Pedrosa (18 years 202 days): South Africa/2004/Welkom
2. Alan Carter (18 years 227 days): France/1983/Le Mans
3. Marco Melandri (18 years 349 days): Germay/2001/Sachsenring
4. Johnny Cecotto (19 years 64 days): France/1975/Paul Ricard
5. Valentino Rossi (19 years 131 days): Dutch TT/1998/Assen


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