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MotoGP undergoes full check before Jerez opener

MotoGP undergoes full check before Jerez opener

MotoGP undergoes full check before Jerez opener

The first round of the MotoGP World Championship has particular significance as it also sees the first official technical control of the season, with the MotoGP teams having to demonstrate that their new 990cc prototypes comply with the technical rulebook defined by the FIM.

On Thursday, as the MotoGP paddock reunites for the first Grand Prix of the season, each bike is closely scrutinised by the Grand Prix technical staff.

"We basically have to check everything, but this year the main change for the teams – in the MotoGP class only - is the reduction of the tank capacity, now down to 22 litres, which can cause some difficulties," explained Grand Prix technical director Mike Webb.

"At the first Grand Prix, we check every bike – we control things like the weight of the bike, but also things related to the security of the riders and the transponders for timing. We have to do a very thorough control at the first Grand Prix, and later during the season we do some random checks."

"We also have to control the 125 and 250 bikes," added Webb, whose previous experience in MotoGP includes working for the Yamaha official team as Carlos Checa´s chief mechanic. "Obviously, the MotoGP teams are very serious, but we have seen the teams from the other classes become more and more professional over the past few years – even the wildcards get here well prepared now."


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