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A first look at the Shanghai circuit

A first look at the Shanghai circuit

A first look at the Shanghai circuit

The Shanghai International Circuit will host a round of MotoGP World Championship for the first time next week, the Grand Prix of China. The unique characteristics of the racetrack, as well as its architecture, are set to make Shanghai International Circuit a highlight of the motor racing calendar.

The Shanghai International circuit, situated outside China's prosperous metropolitan port city, hosted its first race just over six months ago but is already acknowledged as one of the most impressive race venues on earth. Vast grandstands overlook equally impressive pits and a paddock complex adjacent to the high-speed 5.451km/3.387 mile circuit.

The track includes two very fast straights where bikes are expected to exceed 320km/199mph and a series of tight corners, including two long right-handers that take riders almost through 360 degrees. This is a new circuit for MotoGP bikes, so lap and race records have yet to be established.

The design of the Circuit: the circuit's shape resembles the Chinese symbol "Shangh", which translates as "high" or "above". The imagery of the Circuit buildings is derived from history, nature and technology. Historical references are expressed by forms, colours and materials in new interpretations of traditional forms.<

A four-door arrangement, consisting of the main grandstand, the pit building, the control tower, the administration tower, the restaurant and the press centre forms the architectural focus of the entire construction. Two gates, each marked by two towers, guard the entrance on the left and on the right side.

The entrance for the spectators to the grandstand is guarded by two red stair tower columns. The entrance for the teams to the pit building is guarded by two glass office towers. One of the red stair towers and one of the glass office towers is bridged by a press centre and a restaurant. As a result two further gates are formed. These symbolize Shanghai's role as gate to the world as well as Shanghai's future role as gate to the racing world.


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