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Next weekend the MotoGP 2005 World Championship will continue with the fourth instalment of action unfolding in front of fans across the globe as the Grand Prix Alice de France gets underway at Le Mans, and will be taking advantage of the battle to introduce a new special service to its subscribers.

Fans who follow the MotoGP race and practice sessions* - taking place in the legendary French settings – through our website will, on this occasion, be able to experience the action through an exclusive new channel – ´Vídeo in Direct On Board´. This new channel will allow fans the unique perspective of the battles between the main challengers of the MotoGP category through onboard cameras mounted on their machines.

The ´Video in Direct On board´ - allowing fans to have the same dizzying perspective of the race as the riders themselves – will enrich the coverage of Grand Prix Alice de France and, as with the current Live Video application Live Timing, will be transmitted with an optimised quality of 400 kbps, making the best way to continue enjoying the Grand Prix if you can't make it to the track in person.

This service, along with all the content of this Grand Prix, can be acquired for as little as 4€ and will be available without any additional costs for users who already have the Package Premium.

To access this exclusive channel all you have to do is click on the link that will appear in the multimedia section from the second free practice of Friday.

* The special coverage includes the second free practice on Friday, the qualifying session on Saturday and the race, always in the category of MotoGP.

MotoGP, 2005

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