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Hugo Marchand reviews his start to the season

Hugo Marchand reviews his start to the season

Hugo Marchand reviews his start to the season

This week we will arrive in France to compete in the Grand Prix of Le Mans after a slightly complicated start to the season.

I injured my right heel during a Shanghai practice session and was unable to participate in the race. I just had the plaster removed toady. The accident was unfortunate because I had a good feeling in China before it happened.

The start of the season passed very quickly. I had to participate with Yamaha in the Kurz team, but we did not agree on things – the team and I had different objectives – and suddenly I found myself changing plans.

I knew that Campetella had a free place because of Sekiguchi´s injury. I contacted the team and they asked me to take care of the necessary requirements to race with Campetella. The most essential thing was to obtain a motorcycle and I already had one.

We agreed that I would race in the first four Grand Prix events, until Le Mans, but that after that it would depend on Sekiguchi´s progress.

The comeback was difficult. I did not ride during the winter and then suddenly I found myself participating in the Jerez practice sessions and Grand Prix. I tried to regain my feel for racing while we adjusted the bike. The first two Grand Prix events turned out to be quite difficult, but I began to feel better in Shanghai. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to race there because I injured myself.

It was a pity because everything was going really well with Campetella. I have discovered a new team that is empathetic and functions like a small family.

This weekend we will be at Le Mans for the home race. Racing there is always somewhat special. The people demand a lot from you and you must be able to deal with the extra pressure. I will try to do my best in all the practice sessions. I will also try to confront this like any other Grand Prix, but I know that wont be possible.


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