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Tizón, Silva and Sáez win the CEV Buckler of Albacete

Tizón, Silva and Sáez win the CEV Buckler of Albacete

Tizón, Silva and Sáez win the CEV Buckler of Albacete

The CEV Buckler 2005 championship kicked off on Sunday in front of more than 10,000 people who gathered together to watch the CEV Buckler of Albacete, with Daniel Sáez, Arturo Tizón and Iván Silva wining the inaugural races.

The 125 race ended after just 13 laps due to a multiple fall and was led from start to finish by Daniel Sáez. The only rider able to keep the Spaniard in his sights was Stefano Bianco, but his opportunity to challenge for the lead ended prematurely along with the race.

Behind Sáez and Bianco, a battle ensued for third place and was eventually won by Simona Grotzkyj ahead of Mateo Túnez, giving Aprilia the first four positions.

Three of the new MotoGP Academy riders made the top ten of the inaugural race. Efrén Vázquez finished seventh, just ahead of Ion Elegant in eighth and British rider Bradley Smith, completed the top ten.

The Extreme Formula race also provided an exciting fight for first place, with Iván Silva emerging as victor. After a making a tough challenge De Gea finished in fourth position behind Monge and Silva´s team-mate Del Amor.

Arturo Tizón gave his opponents little room to manoeuvre in the Supersport category, taking a comfortable first place in the season's first race. Víctor Carrasco took an authoritative second position with Daniel Piñera and Jordi Towers taking third and forth place respectively.

The second instalment of CEV Buckler action will take place at the Ricardo Tormo de la Comunitat Valencian on June 19th.

MotoGP, 2005

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