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Riders for health honoured with prestigious award

Riders for health honoured with prestigious award

Riders for health honoured with prestigious award

MotoGP charity Riders for Health has won the 2005 Global Health Council Award for Best Practice in Development, an award for its transport development and charity work in Africa.

The self-funded group was given the awarded in recognition of its efforts in helping develop a sustainable transport system in Africa as a means of mobilising medical care in the poverty-stricken region.

With its roots in the world of motorcycle racing – connected to Dorna Sports and the world of MotoGP – the group fundraises at motorcycling events to raise money for pioneering field initiatives which involve sending in-country teams to develop efficient and cost-effective techniques for the management of two and four-wheel vehicles in harsh and barren African terrain.

The group – founded by husband and wife team Barry and Andrea Coleman along with rider Randy Mamola – has been working towards an accessible African medical system for fifteen years and was thrilled to receive the award.

"We are very proud of this award for our work in Africa but we also know that we could not have even begun the work without the support of Dorna and MotoGP. We collect the award in Washington DC on Thursday 2nd June and I will acknowledge the contribution of MotoGP at the event," said co-founder Andrea Coleman.

"We are hugely encouraged by this recognition and the opportunity it will give us to place transport for development in the spotlight. Humanitarian development is only possible where rational, sustainable techniques based on mutual respect and clearly- understood motivation are in place.

"The people at Dorna are great, they allow us to use the paddock to have access to the resources we need. They give us guidance when we need it but they are also great at letting us get on with what we need to do."

In recognition of their work, the husband and wife team have been recognised as two of the world's outstanding entrepreneurs by The Schwab Foundation, sister organization to the World Economic Forum, and have been invited to join their elite network.

"Andrea and Barry Coleman have not only found an imaginative solution to a highly complex problem but Riders for Health has enormous capacity to grow throughout Africa, making a lasting and sustainable impact on development," explained the organisations director Pamela Hartigan.

Riders for Health will continue their close connection with the MotoGP World Championship with the annual ´Dia de Campeones´ (Day of Champions) ahead of the final round of the season at Valencia this Thursday. In November, Andrea and Barry will attend the World Summit in Brazil, where they will present the results of Riders´ pioneering work to representatives of more than 90 organisations.

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