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Reactions of MotoGP riders to the first day at Le Mans

Reactions of MotoGP riders to the first day at Le Mans

Reactions of MotoGP riders to the first day at Le Mans

Alex Barros (Camel Honda) – 1st position: "The weather conditions were really strange today, constantly changing. We found a reasonable base setting in the dry, but once the track had been dampened, I also felt at ease in the wet, and I was able to lap well. The asphalt wasn't totally wet, but I wanted to get an idea of the grip levels it offered with wet tyres on: well, at least until it dried up a bit too much for the wet tyres to work properly. Now our only hope is that the weather decides one way or the other."

Sete Gibernau (Movistar Honda MotoGP) 2nd position: "After the problems we had in China we've arrived here feeling very motivated and we have started the Grand Prix in positive fashion. The weather hasn't helped but I'm ready to race in any conditions. We've been competitive in the wet and the dry."

Valentino Rossi (Gauloises Yamaha Team) 5th position: "I was also trying a different tyre for Michelin at the start of the afternoon session and we stayed out there maybe a bit too long as it wasn't right. I came in to change but then it started raining and we ended up further down the time sheets than we would like to be. It's only free practice, though, so it doesn't matter. After that the conditions were very difficult as it was drying in some areas but very wet in others so we didn't really learn anything. This morning things went well and I was confident of a good session in the afternoon. We used the base we had found for a dry race in China and it was working well. The weather is not looking good and if it rains I'm just hoping we can find a good setting, like in China, although I'd prefer it to be dry. I'm a bit fed up actually, it seems as though the bad weather is following us around. Where is summer?"

Oliver Jacque (Kawasaki Racing Team) 15th Position: "I need more testing on a dry track, so I can more fully understand the bike and the set-up, that is clear after today. I am more comfortable in the wet, so now I'm hoping for rain over the weekend. In the wet the rider can make a big difference; in the dry the riders' influence is important, but less than in the rain. My lap time is improving every time I go out, but with a four-stroke MotoGP bike engine braking, throttle and suspension settings are critical for maximum dry track performance. It's my home race, but I'm focussed and not feeling any pressure."

Colin Edwards(Gauloises Yamaha Team) 4th position: "I get along with this track and so does the bike. This morning I was turning out 1'34 after 1'34 and I was comfortable, the bike felt great. We began the afternoon session testing out a couple of tyres for Michelin but they weren't really what we were looking for; then we returned to the same tyre we had in the morning and it started raining. We don't know what to expect for the rest of the weekend in terms of the weather but whether it's rain, hail, snow or sunshine, I'll be ready."

Shinya Nakano (Kawasaki Racing Team) 6th position: "It was a strange day with the weather, but I'm very positive about our dry track performance, especially in the morning session. The latest engine parts have improved acceleration and throttle response, which are critical on this track. The Ninja ZX-RR is now much improved over the bike I raced here one year ago. My main work tomorrow will be on throttle connection and front-end turn-in for all the slow corners at Le Mans. And I'm more comfortable in the wet here than I was in China."


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