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Peterhansel, spectator at Le Mans

Peterhansel, spectator at Le Mans

Peterhansel, spectator at Le Mans

Emblematic rallye-raid Yamaha rider Stéphane Peterhansel will be visiting Le Mans this weekend as a spectator at the Grand Prix Alice de France.

Six-time winner of the Dakar in the motorcycle category and already two time winner on four wheels after his move to Mitsubishi, Peterhansel – who still maintains a relationship with Yamaha – talks about his passion for racing.

"It has been a long time since I have been able to attend Grand Prix races as I dedicate my time to activities that require a lot of dedication and I do not have the opportunity to come frequently´, said Peterhansel. "It is the first time I have come to Le Mans to see MotoGP."

Although currently riding a Mitsubishi four-wheeled machine, Peterhansel has maintained a relationship with two-wheel racing.
"I try to follow all the Championship races. Although I now race cars, motorcycle racing continues tom be a big passion of mine. The spectacle of GP is fantastic; the different categories are exciting and it is now even more interesting in MotGP since it has become a close battle. So I try not to miss any of the races, and the television allows you to so every detail."

Yamaha rider during the 1990s, the Frenchman explains that he still has a close relationship with Yamaha. br> "I have always had a strong connection with Yamaha. I spent my motorcycle-racing career with Yamaha and I still have a contract with them, therefore I think I should support the Yamaha riders. In any case, it is difficult to ignore the rider who has brought victory back to Yamaha. I know it's not very original to mention Valentino Rossi, but it is unavoidable. He is such a great and accomplished rider, but also has a great personality too. He really is a unique rider and I admire him very much."


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