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Ludacris brings a Hip-Hop vibe to MotoGP

Ludacris brings a Hip-Hop vibe to MotoGP

Ludacris brings a Hip-Hop vibe to MotoGP

Hip-Hop giant Ludacris has expanded his huge empire and moved into the lightning-fast world of MotoGP, bringing a little "Southern Hospitality" to one of the most exciting and competitive sports in the world.

The multi-platinum artist and star of "Crash" and soon to be released "Hustle & Flow" will use his music label DPT (Disturbing Tha Peace) to support the Blata WCM team.

The collaboration of the Hip Hop star – most known for his song Southern Hospitality – will soon see fellow DTP artists, including I-20, Shawnna, Lil' Fate, play Cirlcle, and Bobby Valentino, appear trackside.

In a joint statement, Steve Hawthorne from and Shawn Williams from Elusive Inc. (, representatives from the companies behind the Blata-WCM and Ludacris DTP partnership, said:

"We are proud to be involved in bringing the two together. It is important to back the smaller teams as they try to compete against the major factories.

"Smaller teams do this not by copying technology but by trying to revolutionize what they can to get a competitive edge. The V6 project is a unique and remarkable challenge that in time could pay off. We know there's a big challenge ahead, but we are confident that the 2005 season will be positive in making the breakthroughs they need to race at the highest level and get some results down the line.

"When they arrive in the paddock things are going to change, it will be fun! The music industry already has a strong racing sub-culture so I think this will be a huge success all round. We have broken new ground in the MotoGP world by bringing both Entertainment and Motorsport together and truly creating "Lifestyle."

This year MotoGP will visit the USA for the first time in over ten years for the USA Red Bull Grand Prix at Laguna Seca, CA on July 10 and DTP will be sponsoring The WCM Blata Team.

The 2005 season is also the first year of the WCM-Blata partnership. However, although this is first year for Blata in MotoGP, WCM has a strong history in MotoGP and has successfully competed in the premier motorcycle class for over a decade.

First established in 1992, WCM entered its most prominent period in 1997 after forming a partnership with Red Bull to race factory Yamaha machines. Since then the WCM team has worked on developed the overall handling of the bike and chassis. The team will contest this year's Motorcycle World Championship on the 990cc 320kph Blata V6 engine with official riders: James Ellison and Franco Battaini.

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