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The 2005 MotoGP World Championship is already underway and the battle between the best riders in the world has begun. The early part of the season has seen some of the most memorable and explosive battles in recent years – and a lot more is still to follow as the intrepid riders blaze wheel to wheel at over 200mph.

If you cannot actually make it the circuits in person, you can still enjoy all the action here at through our high-quality live video feed. In addition to our live coverage of the races, will also bring you exclusive action clips, news and interviews, allowing you to enjoy the unique MotoGP experience.

Thanks to our new high-tech applications – exclusive to users – you don't have to miss any of the Championship action. For information about each one of the exclusive live applications, simply read on.

Live Vídeo: Thanks to "streaming" technology, will provide users with the means to follow the developments of each session of each Grand Prix** in the season via computer, boasting an impressive quality of 400kbps in Windows Media and Real formats (both of which are free). The sessions include: QP1 125cc, QP1 250cc, FP2 MotoGP, Qp2 125cc, QP2 250cc, QP MotoGP and, of course, the races themselves.

If you have a connection of more than 512 kbps, you will be able to enjoy all the action of the practice sessions and all the races of the MotoGP World Championship by acquiring any of the packages that provide access to the service. Users who do not have a connection of the above specifications can still enjoy the service of "streaming" with a quality of 180 kbps, accessible with a connection of 256kpbs.

Don't forget that you will be able to use the service as many times as you want because the file remains in the "Full Video Race" section and in our Video file.

**The coverage of the FP and QP is only offered for the GP contested in Europe.

Channel Onboard: The ´Live Onboard Video´ - allowing fans to have the same dizzying perspective of the race as the riders themselves – will enrich the coverage and, as with the current Live Video application Live Timing, will be transmitted with an optimised quality of 400 kbps, making the best way to continue enjoying the Grand Prix action if you can't make it to the track in person.

This service, along with all content, can be acquired for as little as 4€ and will be available without any additional costs for users who already have the Package Premium.

Live Timing: As in previous seasons, will offer an exclusive Live Timing application throughout the entire 2005 campaign. Service users will be able to experience the excitement of the action as it happens and stay updated by checking the lap times of the riders and the development of all the practice sessions from their computers.

Remember that Live Timing is a free service offers to all users. Members who subscribe to some of the additional paid packages will enjoy extra contents, including intermediate times, maximum speeds and a lot of additional information about the riders during their test sessions.

To access this application you should click on the link that appears in the upper-right section (Live) of the home page when the first practice session of the Grand Prix begins.

MotoGP, 2005

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