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Elías hopes to start treatment next week

Elías hopes to start treatment next week

Elías hopes to start treatment next week

Toni Elías has made a satisfactory recovery from the hand injury he sustained during a test session at Le Mans the day after the French GP and should be able to commence treatment sessions to rehabilitate the injured hand next week.

The Spanish rider has made two trips this week to a Barcelona hospital, La Clínica Dexeus de Barcelona, where he was examined by Dr. Mir, the specialist who operated on him last week. Dr Mir has continued to control the development of the injury and, this week, changed the plaster on his fractured hand.

"The wound has healed well," said Elías. "Yesterday they changed my plaster and it looks like we'll soon be able to swap the plaster for a support bandage to start the rehabilitation. I expect to be able to start the sessions next week as most of the swelling has subsided."

The extent of Elías injury involved a fracture of the radius of the left hand, a crack of the scaphoid in the same hand and a tear in the ligaments that connect the ulna and the radius. He also sustained a slight fissure to the anklebone of his left leg. Despite the accident, the Fortuna Yamaha rider is upbeat and excited about returning to the track as soon as possible.

"This sort of thing happens in this type job," philosophises Elías. "However, it's the worst accident I've had in my career. I injured my fingers and the bone in my hand, causing me to miss a race."

The rider will miss the Italian GP in Mugello, but hopes to be able to get back on the saddle for the Catalonia race on June 12. " I really want to race at Catalonia, my home race, but not if it jeopardises the rest of the season. I will make the decision a few days prior to the GP."

Despite not being able to race at Mugello, Elías confirmed that he would be there to do his part: "I will be there to cheer on and support the team, with much delight, said the happy-go-luck rider."


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