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American hopefuls to get a taste of MotoGP action

American hopefuls to get a taste of MotoGP action

American hopefuls to get a taste of MotoGP action

The USPRU Teen Challenge was recently announced as an opportunity for the youngsters of the US Grand Prix Racers Union to fight for an entry ticket to the world of MotoGP.

Two MotoGP weekend passes will be on offer for the top two riders from the next meeting of the USGPRU, which will be held at Portland Raceway on June 25 & 26. The winners will receive airfare, hotel, pit passes, and VIP access to the Red Bull US Grand Prix at Laguna Seca, CA on July 8-10 for themselves and a parent.

Working with industry partners, the USGPRU has set up a program to provide winners of the USGPRU Teen Challenge access to the superstars of the motorcycle racing world. "Our objective is to provide a MotoGP experience that they might not otherwise get," said series president, Stewart Aitken-Cade. "By exposing them to a real GP environment, our hope is that they will push even harder in their career with the ultimate goal of winning their own MotoGP race. The USGPRU looks forward to the day that one of our own graduates rides in the Red Bull US Grand Prix."

The USGPRU is the officially recognized 125 and 250cc Grand Prix National Championship series. The series is geared towards the development of riders who will eventually move on to compete at the highest levels of road racing on the world's most famous circuits. The USGPRU events are run just like a Grand Prix, including warm up laps, qualifying, professional teams, pre-grids, and all the regulation and routines experienced at the world level.

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