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Reactions of the MotoGP riders

Reactions of the MotoGP riders

Reactions of the MotoGP riders

Valentino Rossi, Gauloises Yamaha – 1'49.223 – 1st
"It was a very difficult session but at the end very good – I'm happy. It was a great practice and a hard battle for this important pole position. At the beginning we started to work on the bike for tomorrow and at the end I tried with a qualifying tyre. I was already quite fast with the first one but then I took the second one and went a little bit faster. I saw I was in second position and I knew I didn't have much time to stop but I came in two and a half minutes from the end and the team did a great job to change the tyre in a short time. It gave me the chance to use the last lap and I was able to improve a little bit and take pole – it was a great job from the team. Tomorrow will be a hard race for everybody. There are a lot of riders near to me so we need to set the bike to the maximum in the morning."

Sete Gibernau, Movistar Honda – 1'49.361 – 2nd
"I'm very satisfied with the results in practice both from yesterday and today. Obviously I would have liked to start from pole but at the end of the day I was very close and tried my best. The important thing is that we're starting from the front row and we have a good set-up for the race. We did a great lap time without using qualifying tyres and spent a lot of time working on my rhythm on spent tyres. I have to get a good start and just go for it. The tyres will be extremely important and so will physical fitness. I hope the weather is on our side and that the work we've done on Friday and Saturday pays off in the race."

Max Biaggi, Repsol Honda – 1'49.458 - 3rd
"So I start from the first row. Last year I was used to it but this year it never happened before and coming back in front here at Mugello has a special meaning for me. Unfortunately I could not use the second qualifying tyre because when I passed the finish line time was out just two seconds before. I could have done better but I'm satisfied anyway. I'm happy for my team. They are all doing their best and they did a very good job. Tomorrow we can do a good race. Finally."

John Hopkins, Suzuki MotoGP – 1'49.556, 5th
"I am extremely pleased with the position. I didn't expect to be that far up. We struggled a bit yesterday, but things have been getting better and better every session. We have been working on set-up and Stuart (Shenton), the computer guys and all the mechanics have been doing a great job.I worked on my lines overnight. I just thought about it and came out this morning swinging. We have got a tyre that I think we are going to race on and everyone is in the same boat as the grip level isn't the greatest with the heat. But I think Bridgestone have produced a really good tyre for tomorrow and hopefully we can get out there and put on a show. It's going to be a tough race but we're going to do the best we can - that's all we can do!"

Loris Capirossi, Ducati Marlboro – 1'49.633, 6th
"Both me and Carlos have been in the hunt all weekend. If it hadn't been for a little mistake going into the esses in T3, I could've been on the front row. But what does it matter, I'll be in front by turn one! The bike is really strong here, the tyres too. I feel very confident, especially in the front end, which is so important at this track. The bike is also very fast, which is maybe why everyone wants to follow me, I found a lot of people waiting to follow me today. We worked really well this morning, doing a lot of fast laps on race tyres, then this afternoon we tried something different with the suspension, just small tweaks to the front and rear, which worked well."


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