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MotoGP ships into Barcelona

MotoGP ships into Barcelona

MotoGP ships into Barcelona

With the back-to-back Grand Prix races held in Mugello and Barcelona, the MotoGP logistics forces are having to resort to all means available in order to deliver, in time, the 260 tons of material required by the teams and organisers for each race.

Two days ahead of the Gran Premi Gauloises de Catalunya, the teams are already working on the Spanish track. This was possible due to the prompt dispatch of the team's trucks by road and, not to mention, by sea.

Indeed, various teams decided to cross the Mediterranean sea to reach Spain. As soon as the Italian GP ended, several trucks made their way to the Roman harbour of Civitavecchia, about 300 km away from the Mugello, in order to embark on Monday morning. The boats arrived in Barcelona on Tuesday, by midday, and then the trucks were only 40 km from their final destination, the Circuit de Catalunya.

After the Catalonian GP, the MotoGP teams will have a week and a half to get to the North of Europe, for the next round in the Netherlands. At the end of the month, they will have to get their material packed for the second fly-away Grand Prix of the season, the Red Bull US Grand Prix.


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