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Porto recovers from his fall at Catalunya

Porto recovers from his fall at Catalunya

Porto recovers from his fall at Catalunya

Sebastián Porto is making a good physical recovery after crashing out of the 250cc race in the Catalonian GP at Montmeló.

The Argentinean rider hit the ground on the second lap of the race and was unable to rejoin. He injured his head and ankle in the crash and was taken to the Mobil Clinic for a thorough medical examination; which indicated a slight brain concussion with temporal amnesia.

Portos physical coach Hugo Riboldi confirmed that he was on the road to recovery and should be fit to ride in the seventh leg of the MotoGP World Championship in Assen on June 25th.

Sebas rested on Monday, simply as a precaution, but since Tuesday he has been exercising, although he cant do any exercises that involve putting weight on his foot. But he is still working out at the gym with few alterations´, explained Riboldi.

He has recovered fine from the blow to his head and has not even had to visit a neurologist he only had a slight concussion. He was at the clinic on Sunday but did not have to be submitted for further examination.

The loss of memory is common, explained Doctor Costa. Porto remembers the 125 race, but not really the accident itself or what happened immediately afterwards.

Regarding his other injury, he has a significant haematoma on the arch of his right foot, affecting his ankle. This is simply being treated with massages; so it will not be a problem for Assen, added Portos coach.


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