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MotoGP riders give their first impressions of Laguna Seca

MotoGP riders give their first impressions of Laguna Seca

MotoGP riders give their first impressions of Laguna Seca

Troy Bayliss, Honda Pons – 2nd
"I haven't been to this track for three or four years now. The track is practically the same with just a few more bumps, more of which seem to appear every year. They've done a good job in improving the safety, they've moved several walls and the impression it gives is that overall it is much safer. It's still a hard track though, where you have to be very aware, but it's a track I really like, also because the last time I was here I got a good result. I'm feeling good on the bike, but it will be a long weekend and this is just a good start, my best so far this year. So concentration, determination and hard work are what we need now."

Sete Gibernau, Movistar Honda – 7th
"My first impression of Laguna Seca is that it is completely different to anything we have in Europe. The objective today was simply to complete as many laps as possible in order to gather data and get references for what is a tricky circuit. The extra hour was important to adjust the gearbox, tyres and suspension for this circuit. We worked in two different directions and by the end I felt much better. We knew we were coming to a difficult circuit and it really is, but we have to be positive because we're working in the right direction."

Marco Melandri, Movistar Honda – 8th
"I felt good on the bike this morning and wanted to push a little more before the time was up, but it was a mistake. I lost the rear, the bike spat me off and then dragged me down the hill through the Corkscrew. I got stuck between the rear wheel and the tail and bashed my wrist, knee and head. I was lucky because I could have really hurt myself. I couldn't ride much today but I hope to get a decent night's rest and make up for it tomorrow."

Valentino Rossi, Yamaha Factory Team – 9th
"The track is difficult, it's a strange track, old style. The Corkscrew is good, yeah it's not too bad. Unfortunately for me it's too dangerous for our bike. We've had some problems, this morning was good but this afternoon we tried something that was quite bad for the setting – so we need to improve tomorrow."

Carlos Checa, Ducati – 10th
"This circuit isn't so easy with all this horsepower, but it's a lot of fun. So far it doesn't seem dangerous, just quite difficult at a few points. Things are okay so far, and once I feel better on the bike, so I've got more confidence and can keep rolling into the corners faster, they'll be even better."


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