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Guintoli on the differences between factory and privateer machinery

Guintoli on the differences between factory and privateer machinery

Guintoli on the differences between factory and privateer machinery

With a couple of top 10 finishes and 13th overall, Equipe GP de France's Sylvain Guintoli ranks amongst the best privateers of the quarter litre class. Having beaten factory riders several times this season, the Aprilia rider explains the differences between his ‘kitted' machine and the factory bikes of top teams such as the MS Aprilia Corse official team or the Aprilia Aspar team.

"When I moved onto the 250 World Championship scene, my goal was to show my potential and fight in order to secure a factory ride. At that time, I was told that this kind of machinery was really necessary if I was to fight for podiums and wins…"

"So I think this first break of the season gives us a good opportunity to look at the differences between the privateer and the twelve factory machines entered in the class this year. From the outside, it may be difficult to tell the difference, but when you are on the track, it's very clear, even more this season."

"Even if the bikes seem similar, you couldn't swap the most insignificant part between a factory and a kitted version. The frame used by the privateer Aprilia teams, which was really well-designed, hasn't changed much for the past ten years ! Every year, a kit is leased to the privateer teams, it includes the cylinders, the exhaust pipes, the carbon swing-arm, the ECU and the data logger which are fitted on the 250 Aprilia."

"It's completely different for the factory bikes. Every year, the teams get new bikes, with chassis and engine upgrades. The bikes are also developed throughout the season. These bikes are 6 or 7% more powerful and the factory teams also benefit from better tyres. In terms of performance, the kitted bikes are 10 km/h slower when it comes to top speed, but the main difference is in the acceleration. The only common thing is the weight, 100 kg, as stated in the technical rulebook."

"After this comparison of the two type of bikes, you could think that we should get lapped twice at every GP ! Fortunately, it's not the case as the kitted bikes are still pretty quick. After all, we manage to beat the factory bikes once in a while !"

"I just that someday, I'll get the opportunity to ride one of these bikes, so I can fight with equal machinery."

250cc, 2005, Sylvain Guintoli

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