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A guided lap of Donington by Shane Byrne

A guided lap of Donington by Shane Byrne

A guided lap of Donington by Shane Byrne

Team Roberts' rider Shane Byrne is looking forward to his home race at Donington Park, after scoring his first point on the KTM-powered Proton KR prototype a fortnight ago in the USA. Ahead of the British Grand Prix, ‘Shakey' reviewed the 4km track for

"Donington is all about getting the whole thing right, it's not like you can ride one corner at 90 per cent and the next at 100 per cent to make up the difference on the first one, it's important to have a real good flow," said Byrne, who took 13th in last year's British GP.

"The first section of the track is very important. You need to be smooth and let the bike flow through the corners, if you make a mistake in one corner, it affects the next two or five corners."

As many riders, Byrne doesn't really enjoy the final section ‘stop & go' section of the track
"The final section is totally opposite to the first part and almost spoils the track. Here it's important to brake late and accelerate early as all turns are stop/start style."

"For passing, I'd say that Redgate's (first corner) always good, plus going into the Old Hairpin, if you're strong down through Craner, and into Foggy's (the chicane after the Dunlop bridge) and the last two corners."


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