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A guided lap of the Sachsenring by Alex Hofmann

A guided lap of the Sachsenring by Alex Hofmann

A guided lap of the Sachsenring by Alex Hofmann

Kawasaki's Alex Hofmann is looking forward to his home race, the Alice Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland, which takes place this week at the Sachsenring. It's the last race before the usual summer break and Hofmann expects to grab a good result before leaving on holidays.

"The Grand Prix at the Sachsenring is always amazing," says Hofmann. "There's always a great crowd, over 200,000 people are expected to come over the weekend. Our sport is not so popular in Germany yet, but it's great to see so many people coming at the event."

"It's the biggest support I ever had. My first Grand Prix there was just incredible, a very emotional event, as I was used to race in front of 5,000 people..."

"As a German, it's the most important Grand Prix of the year and a very special track, moreover the team is based in Germany so everybody's looking forward to get a good result," he comments. "It should suit our bike pretty well, because it's not a high-speed circuit and I believe the layout is in our favour. It's where I often get my best result of the year, so I will give my best to give my fans something to cheer about."

Hofmann reviewed the most important spots of the 3.6 km track, which was constructed in 1996 and hosted the German GP since 1998.
"The start/finish straight is very short for a MotoGP track and goes uphill," explains Hofmann. "The first section is quite complicated, with the Castrol Omega corner, an almost never-ending corner. It's very slow and keeping the right line is very important!"

"After Wenersgrüner, there are two very fast left-handers, the fastest corners of the circuit, where rear grip is very important. Coming out of the second one, there is a fast double left, with a blind entry, in third gear."

"This double left leads to one of the very few right-handers, another fast corner, running downhill and were you have to be very careful. The last section is very important, giving good opportunities of overtaking manoeuvres."


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