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Max Biaggi: ‘Our results are going to get better'

Max Biaggi: ‘Our results are going to get better'

Max Biaggi: ‘Our results are going to get better'

"It's finally time for the summer break! I don't know what I'm going to do yet. I'll go home in Monte Carlo and then I'll get organised and decide what I do. I still haven't made any plans for holidays because that's what they are, holidays."

"I'll obviously continue working-out. That's something I never neglect. Not only because it's necessary to keep the shape but also because I love doing sports. I'll try to combine gym exercises with outdoor sports like bicycle riding. But above all it has to be something that doesn't involve risks and that helps me to keep in shape to arrive in Brno in perfect conditions."

"So far the season has been quite bad, difficult start and without any explanation or answer. I had a good race in Mugello, where the bike worked almost perfectly well. The rest was disappointing. I'm very demanding with myself and with everything that surrounds me, but something must be happening if we're always having trouble, both during practice and the race. As a rule, I've been on the second and third row during practices but I've even been 16th. I haven't probably forgotten how to ride a bike, have I? I can only say that the bike doesn't work, what I don't know is how the others work."

"If there's no improvement in the next races, there will be nothing left to do. But I'm sure that our results are going to get better, with no doubt we're going to do everything we can and fight hard to make it."

MotoGP, 2005, Max Biaggi

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