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Shell and Ducati technical partnership in MotoGP

Shell and Ducati technical partnership in MotoGP

Shell and Ducati technical partnership in MotoGP

On the back of a successful partnership with Ducati on the World Superbike scene, Shell entered the MotoGP World Championship with Ducati Corse in 2003. After a successful debut year, Shell and Ducati are now in their third season in the premier class.

What is Shell's relationship with Ducati?

Shell works with Ducati both on the track and on the road. It develops tailor-made Shell Advance oils, which protect the highly tuned engines of the Desmosedici GP5 MotoGP bike and the 999R F05 World Superbike, and also supplies Ducati road bikes with Shell Advance oils as they leave the factory. The partnership on the track allows Shell to use the experience gained from the challenge of motorcycle racing to develop road products, protecting and powering riders all over the world.

How does Shell develop the Shell Advance oils for the Ducati race bikes?

Shell engineers start with standard Shell Advance Ultra 4 (the top-quality oil in the range) as a base, and modify it at their laboratory in Hamburg, Germany, to produce a Shell Advance race oil candidate. The development process ensures that the oil candidate has the exact qualities desired for the race bikes. Following this, the oil is passed to Ducati Corse for further testing on the factory's own test bench, from where successful candidates are supplied to the team for testing on the track. Only when Shell and Ducati Corse's engineers are fully satisfied with an oil candidate is it taken to be used in competition at the track.
In 2004, Shell successfully developed a new blend of Shell Advance lubricant enhanced with ‘friction modifiers' that liberated 0.6% hp from the Desmosedici engine – it is dedicated development of tailored Ducati race lubricants that gives the team a performance advantage. Shell Advance motorcycle oils have also provided the Ducati team with an excellent level of reliability in MotoGP races, helping to ensure there are no mechanical failures, providing a reliable platform for the riders to achieve success at the track.

Carlo Alberto del Mastro, Shell Global MCO Brand and Sponsorship Manager, explains further: "The technical partnership we share with Ducati is exceptional, for example, with the MotoGP project we have been involved right from the design stage of the bike. This has meant that Shell Advance has been considered as a component of the engine, not simply a disposable product used and then disposed of, and the Shell V-Power is tailored to allow the Desmosedici V-four engine to perform at its optimum. In itself this is a major breakthrough in modern motorsport partnerships, but we also talk on an almost daily basis with the Ducati engineers in Bologna, with the combined aim to continue improving both our products. Of course this is then transferred on the road ranges, ultimately benefiting Shell and Ducati customers all over the world."

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