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Gresini regrets new misfortune for Gibernau

Gresini regrets new misfortune for Gibernau

Gresini regrets new misfortune for Gibernau

The mechanical fault that forced Sete Gibernau to retire three corners from the end of the Czech Republic Grand Prix, when he was battling for victory with Valentino Rossi, have left both the Spanish rider and his Movistar Honda team reeling. This latest disaster, which can be added to the long list of unfortunate episodes to have befallen Gibernau this season, saw the Spaniard spitting feathers and demanding an explanation from his team.

The team will begin their quest for answers today as like the majority of MotoGP teams they are staying behind in Brno for a couple of days to carry out some tests before the fly-away races in Asia. However, Movistar Honda team manager Fausto Gresini has already put forward his views on the possible cause of the mechanical failure that scuppered Gibernau.

‘I must say things went very badly,' stated the Italian. ‘We haven't had much luck with Sete who ran out of fuel. We had a problem with the electronic fuel control system and it ran out of fuel on the last lap. It was just one of those anomalies of racing and there was nothing we could do about it.'

‘It's a system that controls the fuel release which should allow you to use less during a race. The system didn't work and for that reason the bike used more than it should," revealed Gresini, who was left frustrated by the latest problem to hit his team.

‘Obviously this is not our year, it's a year when things have not gone well. Sete would have taken at least second place in this race, he fought well and had ridden a good race… then that happened. We hope to have better luck in the next round, because we need it.'

‘It unfortunate that these things happen because the rider had given his all in the race, had done everything in his powers to win and when you run out of fuel on the last lap it is a horrible feeling. I feel for Sete and for Honda because they both deserved better after such a good performance, but that is racing. We must now try to be positive for the next one.'


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