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Barros Jnr shares passion for racing

Barros Jnr shares passion for racing

Barros Jnr shares passion for racing

Alex Barros admits he is very excited with his son's first steps into the world of racing. The Camel Honda rider spent time during the recent summer break helping to prepare the bike of son Lucas who is scheduled to take part in an important race that will be held in Spain at the end of this year.

`I started working with him as he is participating if the Metrakit World Championship race at the end of the year,' explained Barros.` ‘Last year we practiced for a couple of months before he went to participate in his first motorcycle race and he finished 4th. This year he has a little bit more experience and we are going to begin practicing earlier so he will be more prepared for the race in Spain. Lucas is participating in the Paulista Go-Kart Championship, and will take part in the Brazilian Championship race as well.' After the first two races Lucas is placed fifth in general standings.

`I am a supportive father, but I think he is a great driver and the results he has achieved so far are really very good. Recently he even broke the Interlagos go-kart circuit record and I think he will be fighting for victories from now on. But like I said, I am a father and also remain very cautious.'

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