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Valencia circuit bids to reduce noise levels

Valencia circuit bids to reduce noise levels

Valencia circuit bids to reduce noise levels

The Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Valencia, which will host the last race of 2005 MotoGP World Championship, is to invest around one million euros in a bid to reduce noise levels at the circuit.

After an engineering study that evaluated the acoustic impact of racing activities, the company who manage the circuit have decided to put up barriers in some sections where the circuit is not closed, and also install sound panels at the bottom of the grandstands to muffle noise levels.

The work will take nearly four months and will focus on the construction of a large absorbent wall besides the turn that leads into the main straight, and the panels at the bottom of the north and west grandstands.

`We've worked for months to reduce noise levels with the help of local businesses and the affected neighbours. We agree that the barriers at the Circuit need to be improved and we're determined to carry on with this plan,' explained Comunitat Valenciana Circuit General Manager, Eduardo Nogues.

`We'd like to thank the neighbours for their patience and all the support of public institutions. The first step will be to place the panels besides the grandstands and in the second phase we will attempt to erect barriers at the Adrian Campos turn.'

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