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Biaggi: I will keep on fighting

Biaggi: I will keep on fighting

Biaggi: I will keep on fighting

An impressive charge from the middle of the pack to a podium finish at Brno allowed Max Biaggi to move into second place in the championship standings. Now, heading to Motegi for the twelfth round of the Championship, the Roman Emperor is keen to prove that he's back on form after a disappointing first half of the season. caught up with the Italian veteran ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix.

Question: What have you been up to during the two-week break since Brno?

Answer: I haven't changed my routine. I took a couple of days off, relaxing, and then got back into training again: cycling, running and supermoto.

Question: Brno really seems to be your favourite track. You made it on the podium after a weekend which didn't seem to be going too well. Were you expecting that kind of result?

Answer: I wasn't really thinking about that kind of result, even if I was hoping for it. Since the start of the season it seems like I have been watching the same movie every weekend over and over again - not qualifying as well as I should, but being able to fight back in the races. It was just proof that I really am giving it everything. It's not a secret, Brno is my favourite track, but that wasn't the race Í was dreaming of, that's for sure.

Question: That was your third podium of the season and you moved up to second overall. It looks like things are finally going your way just as we get towards the end of what has been a tough season for you. How do you feel about your 2005 campaign so far? Is your goal to keep second place and end the season as championship runner-up?

Answer: I'm not really looking at the championship standings -second place is not really a consolation. You are right, by the way, this season lots of things seem to have gone wrong for me. This was supposed to be my dream season and in the end it's just turned into a nightmare. With the championship standings the way they are the only thing you can do is fight for second place - but my goal is to win. At this point I really would like to win a Grand Prix this season.

Question: After Brno you finally had the chance to test the brand new prototype of the RC211V. What are your feelings on the new bike? Do you think you can start using it starting in Japan?

Answer: The new Honda has great potential, but it still has to be refined a lot. It will definitely be a winning machine, but we will not start using it right now. However, it should have come a lot earlier if it was meant to be challenging for the title, and I would have liked to have had more say in its development.

Question: The next race is Motegi, a track where you know what it's like to win. What do you expect from this year's race and also from the closing rounds of the season?

Answer: I like Japan and I like Japanese people. I always love to go there, and not just because of the race. In Tokyo I have a fan club headed by my friend Akira. I´m looking forward to meeting them and hopefully I'll give them a great performance this year. As concerns the end of the season, my only thought is; never give up!

Question: It looks like this will be your last season with the HRC. What are your plans for 2006? Can you tell us what the future holds for Max Biaggi in MotoGP?

Answer: This thing about this season being my last with HRC is something I've been hearing since the Chinese GP. But it sounds a bit strange to me. Let's wait a bit more before we say any more about this... One thing is for sure, for me the HRC thing is not finished yet. If you ask me about the 2006 season, the only thing I can tell you is that Max Biaggi will be there! As usual.

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