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Riders geared up for hot GP

Riders geared up for hot GP

Riders geared up for hot GP

As the MotoGP riders have to face tough conditions this weekend at Sepang, with temperatures hitting the 40ºC mark, leathers manufacturers have come up with various solutions to combat the searing heat on the Malaysian track, from re-hydrating drink systems to high-tech air-cooled seats.

Alpinestars have brought their innovative ‘Cold rush project' to Malaysia - a seat which allows riders to cool down in the pitbox, designed by Colin Ballantyne. This ergonomic seat features four vents blowing air freshened by an electric motor, three for the upper part of the body located at neck level and one other under the crotch. The rider can adjust the temperature thanks to a thermostat fitted on the side of the seat.

Other riders resort to more traditional solutions, mainly integrated re-hydrating systems. To deal with the extreme conditions and to prevent dehydration during the race, most of the riders have a drink supply fitted into the hump of their leathers with a straw linked to the helmets.


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