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Bayliss on the road to recovery

Bayliss on the road to recovery

Bayliss on the road to recovery

Out of action for the past month after sustaining a wrist injury in a motocross crash, Troy Bayliss will miss his home round, to be held next week at Phillip Island, Australia. After being replaced by Tohru Ukawa and Shane Byrne, the Camel Honda rider will watch compatriot Chris Vermeulen in the saddle of his RC211V at the Island, but will try to make a comeback for the last two races of the season, in Turkey and Spain.

"OK, I haven't got a good memory but I think this is the first time I have missed races," claimed ‘Baylisstic'. "I've been rolled, bowled and sat on but this one has slowed me up so much I have not even been on my bicycle, if I could rewind time this would be one I'd like to do. But stuff happens and it has."

"I've been watching everyone on my bike and now Chris (Vermeulen) is up for a go. I wish him the best and hope he can do well at home round in Oz," added Bayliss.

Bayliss' recovery is going to plan after surgery on his left wrist in Australia three weeks ago. To minimise the damage eighteen screws were inserted and, having returned to Europe, he immediately began the rehabilitation process to get back riding as soon as possible.

"I'm trying to come back for the last two races but like I said, its slowed me up. I didn't really break my wrist, I smashed it. I have photos during the op which are pretty messy, I would like to show all but some people would not enjoy."

"I've certainly had some father time with the kids in the last four weeks which has been the only plus that has come out of it, but (wife) Kim is ready to send me off to the nut house because I'm getting in the way and just being a pain in the arse."

"Last Saturday we went into Italy to Gardaland which is a big theme park near the lake and Sunday, just down the road from there, there was a Safari Park you drive though in your car. It was a great weekend, something we normally wouldn't have done but we took advantage of the time due to this injury."


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