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Barros battered and bruised after Oz spill

Barros battered and bruised after Oz spill

Barros battered and bruised after Oz spill

The Polini Australian GP proved a sore outing for Brazilian veteran Alex Barros who crashed five laps from the end of a race in which he was running in sixth position. The Camel Honda rider lost control of the front end of his bike in turn number eight and sustained a heavy blow to his left side.

He was immediately taken to the medical centre and put under observation to ensure there were no problems with his spleen - fortunately all the tests came back negative and he was released. In the next few days he will be forced to take rest up before a decision is taken about whether he can ride in Turkey next weekend.

At the moment Im in a lot of pain even though theyve given me some painkillers commented Barros on Sunday night. I took a big hit to my side, but everythings hurting at the moment. I was riding well, keeping my rhythm going without pushing too hard but then I suddenly lost control of the front. It would have all been okay if I had just slid out and travelled along the ground, but when I hit the gravel trap the sudden deceleration flipped me up into the air. In any case, now I must try and rest as much as possible before we decide what to do in Turkey.


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