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Modifications get underway at Assen

Modifications get underway at Assen

Modifications get underway at Assen

Construction staff have started work on the Assen TT Circuit as the famous North Loop is redesigned in a effort to modernize the track and improve its facilities. The length of the track will be shortened ahead of the 2006 racing season from 5,997 metres to roughly 4,750 m.

The work will mean that race fans will be able to follow races more easily and see the riders speed past more often. For example, in this year's TT, Valentino Rossi completed 19 laps, but at next year's race fans will be able to see their favourites race past them 24 times in total when the event takes place on 24 June 2006. At 6 km, the Assen was the longest racetrack with the highest average top speed, but with the new length it will mirror the lengths of other racetracks in the MotoGP series.

With the change to the so-called North Loop, a number of curves will be removed, such as the S-curve, Haarbocht, Witterdiep, Madijk and Ossebroeken. But the most striking corners on the circuit, the Haarbocht and Strubben, will remain more or less untouched and turn the new track back onto the upward slope.

The Haarbocht will have a tighter angle (meaning an extra braking option for the riders) and a smaller slope – not 8% as it was, but a 5% upward-slope. What's more, the curve will also be shifted slightly to the south. The famous Ossebroeken curve will also return to the new track but in a somewhat narrower form.

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