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Rossi stars in Italian late show

Rossi stars in Italian late show

Rossi stars in Italian late show

On Thursday night Valentino Rossi made a television appearance in Rai Uno's "Rockpolitik", a popular live show on the Italian channel. The show was hosted by Adriano Celentano, a famous Italian singer and showman, and written in collaboration with celebrated authors including Vincenzo Cerami (author of the screenplay of the Academy Award-winning ‘La vita è bella') and Diego Cugia.

The seven-time World Champion was the first guest on the show, taking part in a ‘Rock / Lento' interview where he was asked to sort out what rocks from what sucks… The Gauloises Yamaha rider decided TV sucks but the Simpsons rock and that being interviewed sucks while solo speeches rock.

Rossi also had to talk shop as Celentano asked him if riders 'really touch the ground with their knees when leaning in a curve'. The Rossi-Celentano combination proved to be a hit with a 49% share of the television audience, representing over 12 million viewers.

'The Doctor' also gave some advice to politicians, responding to another Celentano request with the answer: "Get a bike, take a ride and you'll be far more happy. Because riding a bike, really, really rocks."

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