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Angel Nieto makes the big screen

Angel Nieto makes the big screen

Angel Nieto makes the big screen

On the eve of the Gran Premio de la Comunitat Valenciana, MotoGP legend Angel Nieto unveiled a documentary film about his career - "Angel Nieto: 12+1, the man who rode after his dream". The documentary retraces Nieto's path from his childhood in post-civil war Spain to his consecration as one of the most famous sportsmen Spain has ever produced.

"It was the first time I had people with cameras in my house," Nieto explained at the movie premiere, held at the track on Thursday night. "It's nice that other people get to see what I feel about motorcycling. Why did I want to do this? Because I have met plenty of people who were inspired by my story, my life. Some things didn't work out, others were very important; I made many friends and travelled all around the world, but the main thing is that I have always remained the same. I hope people will enjoy this documentary as much as I did."

Many well-known figures from the world of motorcycle racing appear in the film including former riders Álex Crivillé, Carlos Lavado, Marco Luchinelli, Jorge Martínez Aspar, Carlos Cardús and Sito Pons.


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