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Dovizioso and Lüthi thrilled by MotoGP experience

Dovizioso and Lüthi thrilled by MotoGP experience

Dovizioso and Lüthi thrilled by MotoGP experience

Honda rewarded the performances of its most promising young riders by giving them the opportunity to ride its MotoGP prototype, the RC211V, at the Valencia test this week. 125cc World Champion Thomas Lüthi and 250cc Rookie of the Year Andrea Dovizioso - last year's 125 Champion - and WSBK starlet Max Neukirchner all had the chance to complete a few laps on the 250 bhp machine.

Poor weather conditions hampered the schedule, but all three were thrilled by the chance to experience some 4-stroke grunt. It was the icing on the cake for Lüthi who just a few days after earlier has secured hsi first World Championship title. "Good fun, it was really good fun to ride," stated the Swiss youngster. "It was a pity the conditions were not ideal and I didn't push too hard because of that .The bike has a lot of power, quite amazing, but so easy to use. The most impressive thing is the speed of the bike and how early you have to break for the corners. The carbon brakes are just fantastic to ride with but with the speed and weight of the bike you really need them. I need more laps on the bike to understand it better but I must say I felt comfortable on it at the lap time I was running."

After completing his 25-lap run, Luthi added: "It's a great bike, I really like riding it. I have a car that produces 246hp, this bike has 250! You cant compare them because on the bike you only have two wheels and you're sitting on the outside and you can really feel the speed!"

Dovizioso had previous experience of the RC211V having ridden it in 2004 after his Championship-winning season in the 125cc class. However, after an impressive first year in the quarter litre class, the Italian was presented with another opportunity to ride the 990cc machine.

"In comparison with the RCV I tested at the end of last season, the first thing you notice is the difference in power," said Dovi. "This bike has more power but it's also easier to use. The front end is better, it feels different going into the corners. The only thing about the bike that gave me a little problem was the rear end - under heavy braking the rear wheel hops a little but that might just be the set-up."

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