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Dr Costa honoured by his peers

Dr Costa honoured by his peers

Dr Costa honoured by his peers

MotoGP's most famous doctor, Claudio Costa, received an academic honorific degree, an Honoris Causa Laurea, during the second national convention on ‘Motion Sciences and Sport', recently held in Genoa, Italy.

Doctor Claudio Costa is the man behind the Clinica Mobile which has provided medical treatment for Grand Prix riders since the seventies.

"My history begins with my father and with a couple of events that strengthened my feelings about motorcycling," recalled Costa. "There were two events that had a major influence on my path: the death of Ray Amm, on his debut with MV at the second Coppa d'Oro Shell the 11th of April 1955 - I remember that day my only desire was to bring him back from death - and the fourth Coppa d'Oro in 1957. I was there when Duke fell from his Gilera 500, I jumped on the track and took him off the track, pulling away his bike as well so it wasn't a danger for the other riders."

Since its creation, the Clinica Mobile has become an incredibly efficient medical facility for the MotoGP World Championship riders.

"This is an honour I'm very pleased to receive, but I will take this for all the rides who have demonstrated that getting moving again quickly is fundamental for recovering from an injury. I'm taking this for all those who made quick recoveries from injuries and diseases to come back to action and fight for their goals."

Dr Costa attended the ceremony with his staff, but the Clinica Mobile – which he refers to as the ‘Home of Heroes' - was also on display for this special occasion.
"It's not only a travelling hospital, but also the home of those who managed to fight back in the search of their own dream and sometimes from their own doom."

MotoGP, 2005

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