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Vermeulen speaks ahead of Sepang test

Vermeulen speaks ahead of Sepang test

Vermeulen speaks ahead of Sepang test

After a positive first test with Team Suzuki MotoGP at Valencia, Chris Vermeulen will continue his adaptation to the GSV-R next week in a three-day test at Sepang. The young Australian enjoyed an impressive debut on the Suzuki and already feels comfortable with the bike and his new team.

"The first thing that struck me is how comfortable and easy the bike is to ride straight out of the box, it is lacking in power at the moment compared to some other bikes, but the team know that and that's what we are working on for 2006," he said.

"My crew are a great bunch of guys and they have so much experience. Their work is very methodical and nothing is a problem to change and they work so well between themselves."

A former WSBK star, Vermeulen is facing up to the challenge of riding a prototype bike which uses the most advanced technologies, such as carbon brakes and sophisticated engine management systems. He admits it has not proved easy, but is enjoying testing himself. "So far the transition hasn't been easy, the only thing a Superbike has in common is the amount of power it produces. Other than that a MotoGP bike is built as a race bike and there are so many more things you can adjust with the bike to make it work for you, this is the difficult part learning about this, but when you get it right, man they go fast!"

Another novelty for the Aussie are the Bridgestone tyres: "I was very surprised with the grip of the Bridgestone tyres, especially in the front and how much lean angle I can carry using them. They are also a great company to work with."

After completing the last test session of the year in Malaysia, he will head back home to Australia where he will resume training to ensure he is fully fit for the extreme physical demands of his rookie year in the premier class.
"The winter (summer in Australia) is the period where I train the hardest of all the season to get myself to a fitness level that I can maintain during the year," he explained. "I do a lot of running, mountain biking, motocross and some gym work, I am also very active with surfing and working on my farm, that all keeps me pretty fit."

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