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Suzuka and Motegi to join forces in merger

Suzuka and Motegi to join forces in merger

Suzuka and Motegi to join forces in merger

In a breakthrough for MotoGP in Japan, Suzuka Circuitland and Twin Ring Motegi have basically agreed to a merger around June 1st 2006, with the new company to take the name "Mobilityland Co., Ltd"

According to an official statement, the goals of the merger are threefold. The first objective is to "Become more active to further develop the popularity of Motorsports, Mobility, and safe driving"

From a sales standpoint, the second aim listed for the merger is to "utilise both companies´ knowledge and experience to offer higher quality events and merchandise"

At an organisational level, the declaration states that as a consequence of the basic merger, the management foundation "will be strengthened by combining management resources"

It is hoped by both companies that "combining the management resource whilst utilizing the characteristics of both companies will improve overall performance" The wider benefits of the decision to merge in terms of the company´s profile were stated to be achieving recognition in the community and society and able to offer "happiness" "enjoyment" and a "touching experience" through a mobility culture.

The Mobilityland company will tentatively have a capital investment of 2 billion yen, with a main office in Tokyo. In preparation, Suzuka Circuitland Co. Ltd will become a whole subsidiary of Honda Motor Co. Ltd

MotoGP, 2006

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