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MotoGP´s fans

MotoGP´s fans

MotoGP´s fans

The video that is featured this week in the "Inside MotoGP" section takes a look at the world of the fans, one of the indispensable ingredients of MotoGP.

With their passion for motorcycling and its practitioners, the aficionados inject colour and a party atmosphere into the circuits of the World Championship, and follow faithfully through television, the internet and other media the grand spectacle of MotoGP racing.

The large queues braved waiting for their idol to leave the trailer, the dream of being photographed with him, the hunt for an autograph or the unconditional support when he is on the track form part of the trademark image the devotee offers throughout the season in each one of the MotoGP events. The world of the fans is also saturated by the passion for two wheels, the admiration for the powerful machines capable of reaching vertigo-inducing speeds, the devotion to the extraordinary world of technology that envelops the Championship and the level of professionalism displayed by the teams. All that makes MotoGP a unique and genuine experience and brings with it millions of followers.

MotoGP, 2006

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