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Bernadelle presents Konica Minolta Honda´s preseason plans

Bernadelle presents Konica Minolta Honda´s preseason plans

Bernadelle presents Konica Minolta Honda´s preseason plans

The Konica Minolta Honda team will face the 2006 season with excitement for many reasons, but above all for the experience gained last year from JiR (Japan Italy Racing)´s first venture into the world of MotoGP.

Having done their homework, and intending to avoid a repeat of the problems suffered in his debut season, technical director for the team Giulio Bernardelle has explained his plan with which they hope reach the start of the season in peak condition.

"Since the end of last season a period has begun for us in which we have analysed the 2005 season results. We have compared them with the previous two season's results. This has made us understand what changes we could have made to our structure to develop our technical abilities even more."

"We have taken all the necessary time to make those adjustments needed to develop our staff capacities and the technical instruments at our disposal. A period of consideration and programming which I consider really profitable"

Bernardelle also talked about a few differences made to their testing schedules.

"One of the changes is the way we'll approach winter testing. Last year, between the end of the 2004 season and the first race in Jerez de La Frontera, we covered around 9.000 km with Tamada, divided in eight test sessions. We had always been amongst the fastest overall, in every test, only to later find some unforeseen difficulties from the first race. This year we have decided to decrease the quantity of tests in order to increase the quality. In this way, we'll start in Phillip Island, where we'll test for three days from January 31st. We want to test in those particular climatic conditions, characterized by medium – low temperatures, in which we didn't achieve our best results in 2005. At the end of winter we'll have done only one "hot" test, in Sepang on February 14th, 15th and 16th. We trust this program to present us at our best at the beginning of the season, having taken more time to study the conditions which we'll meet in the spring in Jerez de La Frontera."

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